Critiquecast #14, ep 2: The Time Traveler’s Dead Wife

In this episode of the Critiquecast, Return’s voice serves as our only comfort as we navigate a ghostly tale of ghostly tail. That’s t-a-i-l. You can’t hear it because this is an audio based medium, but it’s a pun where — okay, you know what? We read a story about fucking a ghost.

Slide into “A Burned Face More Beautiful” by /u/HotSauceOnaTaco:

One thought on “Critiquecast #14, ep 2: The Time Traveler’s Dead Wife

  1. I died at:

    “Older videos of us playing with our then infant daughter, my wife in bed, tracing a finger along the rough birthmark on my daughter’s neck, shaped like an egg.”

    RIP me.

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