Shut Up And Watch: Cloud Atlas

Today, David Cable talks about Cloud Atlas and why it’s on sale for $5 just 2 years after its release.

Shut Up And Watch: The Hangover Part 3

Today on Shut Up And Watch, David Cable dives into The Hangover Part 3 to pick at the formulaic story structure like an old scab.

Prompt #17: Doomed from the Start

Prompt #17: “Doomed from the Start” Your protagonist(s) are informed or otherwise come to realize that the unfortunate situation they are in is, in fact, totally and unquestionably inescapable. It turns out this is completely true — the story will end with them trapped in the same situation they started in, despite their best efforts. … Continue reading »

Shut Up And Watch: Judge Dredd

Shut Up And Watch is a short segment for delving into the nitty gritty parts of movies and the way they portray themselves as stories. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we’ve got you covered and we’ll tell you why. Today David Cable talks about a guilty pleasure of his: Judge Dredd. … Continue reading »

Critiquecast 16.3.2: Broker Rage

The cast finishes up ”The Viennese Maneuver” by /u/Has_No_Gimmick and things get weird.

Critiquecast 16.3.1: Broker Rage

The cast reads ”The Viennese Maneuver” by /u/Has_No_Gimmick. Just another mother fucking story.

Critiquecast 16.2: Why I Love Cloudfist

The cast reads “Providing” by /u/CloudFist. A long-time submitter to the Critiquecast, CloudFist gives us a surprisingly good story and makes us wonder if we are actually helping people.

Critiquecast 16.1: Don’t AXE

On this episode, the cast reads “Prowlers” by /u/Stojak. With the start of a new prompt, it seems that keeping a secret a secret is harder than it seems. Now say that ten times fast.

Critiquecast #15 Letters Wrap-up

Today we wrap up the submissions on the Letters prompt, discussing what we liked, didn’t like, and why one story worked so much better than the other two.

Critiquecast 15.3: Flux Out Of Capacitance

On this episode we read “Catch of the Day” by /u/Has_no_Gimmick ( Staying true to his username, he has made a believable story told through emails to be absolutely thrilling with edge-of-your-computer-chair-action.