Critiquecast 17.6: Bananas and Oranges

The cast reads “Well, Shit” by /u/Ray_Thompson. The only problems seem to be that a banana is not metric, a facefull is not a faceful, and the main character is not his leg.

Critiquecast 17.5: Towards Me

The cast reads “You’re Going to Die” by /u/vegatilion, a spooky short that doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, let alone the prompt’s.

Critiquecast 17.4: Nice-Ass Descriptions

The cast reads “Seaside Barber” by /u/Sack_on_my_head. Despite the confusing story, the adverbial adjectives and gruesome sex, Shannon manages to giggle the whole thing off.

Critiquecast 17.3: You’re Still Screwed

The cast reads “End” by /u/wordssssssssss, a story that maybe did it right.

Critiquecast 17.2: Shark Physics

The cast reads ”Silence” by /u/dveth and find out why sharks are so terrifying in space.

Critiquecast 17.1: Continued to Pause

The cast reads ”A Muse’s Anguish” by /u/MarcSkylar. While the pausing intensifies, so does our interest in this mega-meta masterpiece.

Shut Up And Watch: Cloud Atlas

Today, David Cable talks about Cloud Atlas and why it’s on sale for $5 just 2 years after its release.

Shut Up And Watch: The Hangover Part 3

Today on Shut Up And Watch, David Cable dives into The Hangover Part 3 to pick at the formulaic story structure like an old scab.

Prompt #17: Doomed from the Start

Prompt #17: “Doomed from the Start” Your protagonist(s) are informed or otherwise come to realize that the unfortunate situation they are in is, in fact, totally and unquestionably inescapable. It turns out this is completely true — the story will end with them trapped in the same situation they started in, despite their best efforts. … Continue reading »

Shut Up And Watch: Judge Dredd

Shut Up And Watch is a short segment for delving into the nitty gritty parts of movies and the way they portray themselves as stories. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, we’ve got you covered and we’ll tell you why. Today David Cable talks about a guilty pleasure of his: Judge Dredd. … Continue reading »